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ConvertKit vs Mailchimp – What’s the Difference?

When you’re considering which provider to use for your email list and campaigns, you can get positive recommendations on both ConvertKit and Mailchimp. They are both used widely and can serve your needs, but there are differences. Understanding the difference between these two popular services can help you make the right choice before you sign up for an account and find it doesn’t offer what you expected.

3 Key Differences Between ConvertKit and Mailchimp

  1. Graphics vs Text. If you’re looking for a cool graphical layout for your monthly newsletter, Mailchimp is the clear winner. They have plenty of templates to choose from and they are easy to customize. ConvertKit encourages its user to stick to a text-only format to lessen the chance of Gmail sending your email to the Promotionals folder. You can do graphical layouts with ConvertKit, but you’ll find it more challenging than you would with Mailchimp.
  1. A/B Testing. Ever wonder whether one subject line would work better than another with your email campaigns? Mailchimp offers the option of A/B testing of subject lines with your campaigns. This allows you to send some of your emails for a campaign with one subject line and the rest with a different subject line to see which one gets a higher open rate. If this feature is important to you, you’ll want to go with Mailchimp. ConvertKit doesn’t offer that option at this time.
  1. Pricing. Comparing pricing between the two gets a little tricky. Mailchimp does offer a free version which can include up to 2000 subscribers, however, services are limited. A paid plan for up to 1500 subscribers costs $20 per month, but includes things like segmentation, A/B testing and scheduling automation. ConvertKit doesn’t offer a free plan. It’s starter plan costs at $29 per month and only allows 1000 subscribers. If you have subscribers that are on more than one list, you may find advantages with ConvertKit’s pricing over Mailchimp. Mailchimp will count every subscriber on each list, while ConvertKit will count each unique address only when totaling your subscriber count.

It’s hard to get by doing business online these days without having some type of email marketing list. Selecting, setting up and launching email campaigns are great tasks to add to your virtual assistant’s task list. They’ll be able to recommend one service over another for your needs and get everything automated and running smoothly to help you grow your business.

photo credit: ajleon

Posted on November 7th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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