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Five Reasons to Your Website Optimize

You’ve done it!  You’re finally ready to launch your website and get it up and running. You’ve gotten all the materials together and you can already see it.  It looks great…but who will see it besides you?

That’s where website optimization comes in.  In a nutshell, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) links your site with searchable keywords and tags, helping potential customers find your site faster.

Think of how many people could be reached and what that could mean for your bottom line.

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Working Together to Accomplish Your Dreams


Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes. Many times as a Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA), I feel this is one of the most important aspects of what I do. One of my new clients is a nutritional coach, who had many projects started, but most left incomplete. She knew what needed to be done, she just didn’t have the technical know-how and skills, or the time, to make them happen. This is the perfect situation to bring in a VA to help you achieve the results, saving you time and unnecessary stress.

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Giving Your VA Time Off Without Worry


Virtual Assistants (VAs), just like regular employees, have situations arise where they need to take time off. When this occurs, another member of our CVA team is called upon to fill the gap while the original VA is on leave. I recently had the opportunity to fill in for another VA who needed to begin her maternity leave earlier than expected.

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Saving Time While Researching Online. Is It Possible?

If you’ve ever wondered how you could squeeze more time out of your day, you’re not alone. People everywhere are trying to speed things up and have leaned on technology more and more often.

The internet is a great tool for quickly finding the information you need, but it can also be a time suck. Whether you are planning your travel, seeking marketing advice or checking up on your competitors, you can speed up your online research process with a little dedication and some time management.

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Being In Sync with Your VA


As a Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA), the client relationships I enjoy most are those where I feel my client and I are in sync, truly partnering with each other through every aspect. This is the case with the owner of a language training service I have the pleasure to work with.

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Staying on Task: Try These 4 Tips

We live in a world simultaneously full of busyness and distractions. Sometimes we can feel like we’ve got a touch of ADD. We pick one thing up only to remember another thing and, on the way to do that, find yet another thing we need to accomplish. You can end up feeling like Doug, the talking dog in the Pixar movie Up, who keeps stopping mid-sentence because he thinks he sees a squirrel.

Chasing our tails leaves us cranky and unproductive. Here’s some practical tips to staying on task:

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