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Being In Sync with Your VA


As a Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA), the client relationships I enjoy most are those where I feel my client and I are in sync, truly partnering with each other through every aspect. This is the case with the owner of a language training service I have the pleasure to work with.

Recently, this client gave me the assignment of running two new campaigns. In spite of a very short timeline, we hammered out all tasks efficiently and on schedule. We were able to do this because, together, we have open communication and have developed an effective system for launching each new marketing campaign. We also have a detailed set schedule for when each part of the campaign is to be completed. Initially, the client was editing one website page each time she switched to a new campaign. This required a lot of extra time and made short notice campaigns much more challenging. To add efficiency to the process, I set up separate WordPress pages for each of her unique campaigns. This has greatly streamlined the process for our team. Now, short notice for a new campaign launch isn’t a big deal at all; we just follow our plan and schedule accordingly.

In addition to our well laid out campaign plan, we’ve improved the efficiency of her communications process with her associates. Whenever she wanted to send an email to a group of associates, she would have to add each contact to the email, one at a time. Now, we have them organized in groups for one click sending – much speedier and less of a headache! Some other regular tasks I assist with for this client is to write her weekly blogs.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment each time we can find a way to improve her processes and save her time.

Posted on December 14th, 2016 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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