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5 Tips for Successful Online Business Meetings

Meetings are an integral part of business: Necessary, but time consuming. With modern technology, online meetings are more popular than ever, which is especially helpful for those who are working together in different locations. Even then, there are issues with connectivity and delays in loading or communication, all of which can make the structure of the meeting disintegrate.

With so much working against the productivity you need, let’s review some tips on how to make your online business meeting a success.

  1. Agenda

If everyone attending the meeting isn’t sure about the direction of the meeting, you can end up with people talking over each other or asking questions that could have been answered ahead of time with more careful planning. Create a clear agenda and send it to all members in advance so the meeting can stay on track.

  1. Assign Roles

Let participants know what is expected from them and assign a moderator to keep the group on track and focused. Let the moderator decide who has the floor. This helps reduce any miscommunication such as several people talking at once and keeps the conversation flowing in the direction needed. You should also assign someone to prepares notes from the meeting to send out afterwards.

  1. Be Prepared

Nothing can derail a meeting faster than a computer glitch.  Make sure all participants have the login details before the meeting starts. Be sure that the meeting presenter is comfortable with the capabilities of your online meeting service and that the microphone and screen sharing or camera is working properly.

  1. Distractions

Encourage attendees to the meeting to minimize distractions, silence their cell phones, close their office door. Instead of using the computer microphone, using headphones can help reduce ambient distractions and to increase clarity of sound.

  1. Clear Assignments

Many times, meetings end with a lot of ideas and assurances without a real direction as to how these might become actions. Each item on the agenda should have a next action item, something that brings you closer to the goal. Identify them and assign them along with an agreed upon deadline. Ask all participants to acknowledge the receipt and correctness of meeting notes.

You can turn jumbled and vague meetings into something effective and productive with just a few steps. Preparation and communication are the keys.

Sometimes with all there is to do, getting organized enough to get an online meeting off the ground can take some time. There are Virtual Assistants who can help with preparing for and organizing your online meetings, amongst other things.  Learn more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you increase productivity  HERE.

photo credit: DaveFayram

Posted on January 19th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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