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New Social Media Strategies for 2017

Social media is now mainstream media. Users like sharing and receiving updates in real-time and the option to converse or otherwise interact. Smart advertisers and marketers will take advantage of how people use social media and tailor their strategies accordingly. With the speed of social media, dull advertisements with blatant sales messages pass by without garnering the attention of users, or their clicks. And clicks translate into selling your products or services. Here are some suggested strategies to guide your social media campaigns in 2017.

  • Research Trends – Research engagement on possible content topics. What is currently trending and why? Which of these topics are relevant to your business? How long could this trend last? Use what people are currently engaging with to drive traffic to your content, products, or services. This can range from seasonal or holiday themes to current news or popular cultural phenomena.
  • Use Custom Hashtags – Hashtags (#anything) are primarily used to help social media users find category-based content. Therefore, they are a great tool to promote your brand and share your content. The same hashtags can be used on multiple social media platforms, so your brand or content can be found virtually anywhere.
  • Do Live Broadcasting – Snapchat Snapstories, Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitter are all ways you can use live video broadcasting to promote your company, content, products, or services. The interactive experience provided to consumers is a huge benefit of social media; live video enables your business to take that to the next level. Consider live Q&A’s about products or services, product reviews, live reviews featuring real consumers, virtual tours, and more.
  • Recycle What Works – Don’t reinvent the wheel; repurpose and recycle ads and content that have lasting appeal. While “audience fatigue” is a real threat to over-using ads and content, ideas with lasting appeal can be repurposed and reused. Save some time researching trends and use what is habitually popular.
  • Don’t Skimp on Quality – Visuals and messaging are vital on social media. Content is scrolling by at a rapid rate and only content that catches the eye – and the attention – of users will get chosen for a click. Content must be enticing and aesthetically pleasing before users will be compelled to give it a click and a look. Therefore, only use hi-resolution color images and powerful phrasing that resonate with user needs or desires. This is a tall order, but quality attracts quality.

Social media forces advertisers and marketers must focus more on their brand image and storytelling. Such tasks are often assigned to a skilled virtual assistant who has training and experience in social media marketing. Remember, you are not just selling a product or service; you are selling yourself. Content that resonates with social media users will be more about who you are as a company than direct sales pitches. Focus on creating an attractive company culture and brand as you utilize these social media strategies to boost your business in 2017.

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Posted on January 17th, 2017 by Client Advocate Team

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