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The Benefits of Transcribing Business Meetings

Running a business, and working for one, takes good communication. Everyone has ideas, solutions and recommendations that must be presented. Sometimes it leads to talking over one another, or if online, some technical issues could interfere with the flow of ideas and information…but the agenda and action items must still be met. Transcribing your meetings can help your team become more efficient.

Transcribing Business Meetings Is Just as Important as Recording Them

The transcription of meetings has the potential to reap many benefits and keep everyone on track. One of the first benefits is having a written record. Having a transcriptionist take the audio and turn it into text ensures everyone is getting the same information once the meeting is over.

Time Saver

Not only does transcription provide everyone with a written record, but it can also save some time. Audio is important, but reviewing it for a specific detail can be a drain on time with having to rewind and listen again until you find the particular point you are looking for. It can take a while. With the transcription in front of you, you can easily review key places in the meeting and highlight important points for future reference.

Reminder of Commitments

Most meetings result in pushing new ideas forward and reporting on the status of the project. There is usually a goal that has to be met and assignment of duties. Having the meeting transcribed and kept with your important papers, you will be reminded again about the action items assigned to you.


If you’re not sure about something discussed in the meeting, you can look back through the transcribed notes to discover context. Reviewing the objective while brainstorming is easier with transcription.

Useful Information for Non-Attendees

Meeting transcription should include participants, the agenda items covered, decisions made, follow up actions committed, due dates and other discussions, effectively documenting for future review or to file as history. Those who were not in attendance will want to see the objectives and other pertinent information to the meeting agenda.

If you don’t have a transcriptionist at the office, there are Virtual Assistants who include transcription in their skillset. They can usually provide a quick turnaround on the transcription of your meeting, so everyone who needs the information has it available to them.

photo credit: mpclemens

Posted on February 1st, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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