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Is Your Website Design Mobile Responsive?

Mobile Responsive Website Technology is a growing trend to provide internet users high-quality browsing experiences on mobile devices. Mobile responsive sites adapt their content and layout to fit any size screen. In effect, the site responds differently, depending on the mobile device being used. The distinct advantage of mobile responsive design is that users are not required to click again to access a mobile-friendly site. Often, that extra click is the cause of a potential user moving on to another site. In fact, Google officially recommends that site designers use Mobile Responsive technology to provide better browsing experiences for their users.

So, how can you determine if your website is Mobile Responsive? Testing tools and services, both free and paid, abound on the internet, and are usually linked to a business that provides website design and optimization. While most site-building platforms like WordPress and Wix provide automatic optimization for clients who use their services, one should always test a site to determine if it is, in fact, completely mobile-friendly for devices of all sizes.

Here are some examples:

  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test – A basic test that provides a ‘grade’ for your site and indicates any blocked or non-optimized portions.
  • Studio Press’ Mobile Responsive Test – This test allows you to see your site on different width or sized screens. No other information about your site’s responsiveness if provided.
  • Media Genesis Responsive Design Checker – This site allows users to view their site on different sized screens, and users can choose the landscape or portrait orientation of large monitors, MacBooks, iPads, and phones.
  • Screenfly Mobile Responsive Testing Tool – This tool allows users to view their site on the screen sizes of several popular mobile devices.
  • Me – This is a paid service that for one price provides unlimited testing for optimization on over 100 devices.
  • BrowserStack’s Mobile Responsive Testing Tool – This paid service offers differing levels and amounts of testing for mobile response, automation, and parallel testing for a monthly fee, as well as screenshots of how your site reacts to many different mobile devices.

The sites above are only a sampling of the free or paid options available. Obviously, site designers will have different needs than single site owners. Those who utilize the services of a virtual assistant who has website design in her skillset will find that web site responsiveness is another task she can handle for you When optimizing a site for Mobile Responsive Design, the two main questions to ask are:

  1. Is the content easily viewable? Text and images must be sized for easy reading without the device user needing to manipulate anything.
  2. Is the site navigation easily located and used? Mobile navigation must be large, prominently displayed, and easily clicked with a finger.

Even if your design platform provides Mobile Responsive optimization, it is a smart play to check your site and adjust your design to achieve the ultimate usability for mobile device users.

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Posted on February 8th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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