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How to Use Instagram for Business

In our ever-evolving world of technology, Instagram is a growing method of effective marketing for business. Instagram is an app-based social media that is all about people sharing short videos and pictures. The app claims to have more than 300 million daily users and more than 500 million monthly users. Here are a few ways to use Instagram to increase your business’ influence.

Having a Good Time on the Job

If followers of your Instagram account see that your business is a fun place to work, they will definitely be more inclined to check out what you have to offer. Posting photos of you or your employees having a good time on the job is an excellent way to portray that your business is a great place to work. Say cheese!

Instagram Exclusive Promotional Deals

Offering Instagram exclusive deals will keep your dedicated followers following, as they will want to stay updated on what you have going on. Releasing new deals on a regular basis will keep users interested more than anything else. Get creative and change your advertisements to keep them fresh. Never let your loyal followers down. Give them what they deserve.

Prize Contests

People are always excited to get free stuff. You can hold contests for your followers on Instagram and offer prizes. This creates a sense of excitement whenever they think about the item or service you are giving away. It will also help keep your business top of mind. Customers will see you as a successful and client-centric business. Give back to your clientele and with a contest. It’s a win-win.


Other companies and potential customers get to see and know your business through Instagram. This can make acquiring new business much easier. Your target audience can now see how you operate online without having to leave their favorite social media site or visiting your website.

Experiment with the ways listed above to expand the growth of your business. In your busy day-to-day life, it can be challenging to consider running another social media account. Virtual assistants strongly skilled in social media marketing are the perfect solution. No learning curve for you to overcome and minimal time commitment. Never worry again that your marketing is not up to par with other businesses. Use these tips to become successful on Instagram!

photo credit: jenschapter3

Posted on March 15th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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