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5 Ways Authors Use Virtual Assistants

As an author, you want to spend your time focusing on writing, not on every little detail of your business. A virtual assistant (VA) can be immensely helpful to your writing process by helping you with time-consuming or super detailed tasks.

  1. Research

Research can be daunting and lead you down a rabbit hole of information. It is beneficial to assign research tasks to a VA. For example, if you are looking up details of an event that happened in World War II, offloading this on an assistant can truly help save you time and get you the information in a streamlined fashion. Also, a VA can research writing contests, submission due dates, requirements and even see if you are a good fit for a publication.

  1. Website creation

Today, everyone needs a website. But this process, even when you are a writer by trade, can be immensely time-consuming. From writing content to SEO to uploading images; there are a lot of steps needed to make a successful and functioning website. A VA can help with embedding HTML code, implementing content and SEO tactics, re-sizing photos and the entire website set up the process.

  1. Submission tracking

Feel like you submit and submit but forget to keep track of where and when you have submitted your work? This is a perfect job for a VA. They can set up an Excel document and properly track the work you are submitting. In addition, they may be able to provide updates or track new requirements for submissions to help your future processes.

  1. Scheduling Book Signings

Just published your book and want to promote it by attending book signings? Use a virtual assistant to research and call bookstores, coffee shops and other places that could host your signing. Hint hint: they can also track the responses.

  1. Online Marketing

Using a VA for your online marketing can be a game-changer for your brand/business. A VA can be a crucial part of scheduling social media posts, updating profiles and ensuring your online presence matches your brand.

Overall, it’s important to think of the tasks that hold up your productivity. Those are the best potential tasks for a VA!

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Posted on April 5th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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