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Tips for Creating Effective Social Media Images

There is no question how important images are for your social media. Every platform is a visual medium and let’s just face it, images are more appealing than text online. Here are a couple of tips on how to create effective (and beautiful) social media images.

First of all, make sure you are clear on the social media channels and what is appropriate to post for each platform.

  • Facebook: Facebook is a very visual medium and the goal is to have your followers share your images. Quotes, beautiful landscapes, and pictures of you are best here.
  • Twitter: Although not as visually driven as the other platforms, Twitter is making changes to incorporate images and highlight them when they are posted. Think about images that are easily re-tweet-able!
  • Instagram: The most visual of all, Instagram is a game changer for your business! Make sure that your page has a unique brand identity and that your images are visually stunning.
  • LinkedIn: As we know, LinkedIn is mostly used for B2B purposes and is heavily text/link focused, but you can incorporate professional images with statistics or facts here.

Tip: Incorporate your logos into your images to create a recognizable brand identity and to promote your business!

Secondly, know the appropriate sizes for header images and profile pictures. On most platforms, the images sizes and requirements vary so be careful not to post a Twitter image on Facebook. One of the worst things for your online presence is poorly formatted or blurry images!

Tip: You can share images from Instagram instantly to Facebook. This means you can take one step out of your posting process!

Lastly, think about combining images with words. There are plenty of free image creation websites out there, such as Canva. These sites allow you to use stock images, backgrounds, and text overlay to fully enhance your social media images.

Tip: be consistent with your posting on social media. If you like to do a quote of the week, for example, make Wednesday’s your quote day.  The response will be higher and your followers will enjoy seeing a quote with a beautiful background from you once a week. This will also work wonders on Pinterest!

Images are going to be more and more popular (along with videos) so use these tips to ensure you are creating effective images and staying up to date online! You can also consider hiring a VA who specializes in social media to complete these tasks.


Posted on April 13th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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