Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

How Virtualization & Automation Can Improve Customer Service

Nearly nine out of ten companies now see customer service as their primary basis for competition, a Gartner survey found. But for startup companies with a small staff and tight budget, fulfilling customers’ expectations for fast, personal attention can be challenging. Fortunately, virtualization and automation can help you leverage your resources to serve more customers than you could with your in-house staff, and without breaking your budget. Here are four ways virtualization and automation can help you implement an effective customer service strategy, boosting your customer satisfaction rate and your sales.

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Scale Your Business By Documenting Processes

Maybe you are an entrepreneur in the early stages of your business or maybe you are a full-fledged business with multiple employees. Either way, it is crucial for your success to create and document processes.

Although at first documenting your processes may seem like extra work, in the long-run it will help you save time and ensure that you can be successful in your business.

To identify what processes you should document, start by tracking your time.

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Save Time by Creating Email Templates

Did you know that you can create email templates in almost any online mail platform? From Gmail to MailChimp to Salesforce, there are a ton of options for creating email templates. You can even have a virtual assistant (VA) create these templates for you, to save you time and money!

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How to Figure Out the World of Self-Publishing

So, you’ve written a book. Congratulations! After making it through the milestone of writing the first draft, going through multiple revisions, and finally getting a polished product, you’re ready to send it out to the masses. But how do you actually get it into the hands of your customers? What’s the best way to format an e-book? What company should you work with to get all of this done? Should you go with single-channel distribution or multiple? Though there are too many aspects of self-publishing to talk about in this blog, we can touch on the general steps you need to take so you can get your book out to the public where it needs to be.

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Work From Home Parent? You Could Use a Virtual Assistant

Working from home while raising your children certainly has its perks. Not only will your childcare costs decrease significantly, but you’ll also be able to spend more time with your children, which makes you the envy of parents who work in a traditional office setting. However, that’s not to say that being a work from home parent isn’t without its challenges. Your kids want all of your attention, but you still have deadlines looming and clients scheduling meetings. You can feel like you have less time to plan ahead and be  forward thinking for your business. With all of the running around as chauffeur for your kids and the need be constantly prospecting for clients, you could use some help.

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