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How Freelancers Can Use a Virtual Assistant

Freelancers certainly don’t follow a strict 9–5 work day. In all actuality, it’s more like 7–10, 12–5, and a lot of evening and weekend work sessions to catch up on projects. Though having a flexible freelance schedule is great for picking up the kids after school and attending that early morning yoga session (or, let’s be honest—just enjoying that second cup of coffee in your pajamas), it often doesn’t leave room for keeping up with the day-to-day tasks of running a business when you’re slammed with projects.

Whether it’s making updates to the services page on your website, planning social media posts for the week, or scheduling an appointment with your accountant, finding time to do these non-billable tasks can be difficult. Because of this busy schedule (and hopefully getting busier by gaining some new clients), a virtual assistant is an invaluable tool for an independent worker.

Create More Time in Your Schedule

Think about it. While you finally get some time to pump some pages out for a novel you’ve been dreaming about for years, your virtual assistant can be proofing your business cards, updating your newsletter, and making sure that all of your to-do list items have been checked off on your calendar. Remember that conference that your Twitter friends have been hashtagging for months in anticipation? Hiring a virtual assistant makes the possibility of finding the time to attend an actual possibility. You’ll be able to network, learn new skills, and come back to work fully recharged.

Develop a Team

Not only can hiring a virtual assistant make you more available to take on new work and attend conferences—which is why you became a freelancer in the first place—but it’ll also make you feel like less of a one-person show and more like a business. With a virtual assistant, you’ll get to do the work that makes you feel creatively inspired and not have to juggle being your own social media strategist, your IT person, and all of the other dozens of hats that you wear on a daily basis as a freelancer.

Though gaining new clients and attending conferences is great, the best reason of all to get a virtual assistant is that it gives you the gift of time. You can’t really enjoy your beach vacation if you’re constantly checking up on work. And you also can’t enjoy visits with family and friends if you’re obsessively refreshing your e-mail. Enjoy all the perks of an office assistant without ever having to step foot in an actual office—that’s the beauty of combining freelancing and a virtual assistant.

photo credit: markus spiske

Posted on June 23rd, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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