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How to Get Your Calendar Organized During the Summer

Summertime means that school’s out for the kiddos and that many of us are starting to get geared up for our yearly vacations. Summer also typically means that there’s a little bit of a slowdown in business. It’s a great time for catching up, planning out the rest of the year, and getting things organized for the months and maybe even years to come. Here’s how to take advantage of this planning period and how to get your calendar organized.

First, Figure Out What Calendar System Works Best For You

First things first, do you even like the calendar system that you’re currently using? If you are constantly forgetting things or constantly forgetting to check your calendar, then maybe it’s time to think of switching to another system.

Maybe you tried to use a combination of Google and Apple calendars and you just kept hitting the “snooze” on calendar reminders when they popped up during a busy time at work. Or maybe you tried to go old school with a desk calendar and papers kept piling on top of it and you never saw any of your due dates or appointments. Whatever system you had, consider changing it up for the year ahead to better suit your needs.

Write Down Any Known Dates

Now that you’ve chosen a calendar system (or you’ve decided to stick with what you had and improve on it), write down any known commitments that you have. This includes holidays, scheduled vacations, conferences, annual meetings, inventory, etc. Whatever dates you know about now, write them down so you don’t double book anything. In addition to the commitments that you already know about, also consider writing down any conferences that you would like to attend but are not sure if the timing or financing will work out, or any other tentative dates that you need to have penciled in.

Come Up with a Color Coded System

Whether you use an online calendar or a good old-fashioned planner, you can come up with a color-coded system to know what kind of commitment it is immediately. For example, all family events could be highlighted in purple and all conferences or client-related meetings could be highlighted in green. Whatever system you have, memorize it or come up with a helpful key to keep you organized.

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Posted on June 7th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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