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What Makes Effective Social Media Content

With so many social media platforms and so many different customers on each one, it’s hard to know where to post, when to post, and most importantly what to post. When it comes to your social media content, how do you know what the best strategies are? Here are some tips on getting started or improving on your social media strategy.

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The Top 5 Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

When you run a business, your life is undoubtedly busy. With meetings, money management, scheduling, and not to mention keeping up with life at home—it can get pretty chaotic. If your business is growing and you find yourself not having as much time to dedicate to things like your website, social media presence, or even taking calls from new or existing clients, then you may want to call on the services of a virtual assistant. So what is a virtual assistant and how can they help you? Listed below are the top 5 benefits of a virtual assistant—and how one can help you tremendously in your everyday business life.

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What Are the Components of an Effective Blog Post?

Writing and keeping up with a blog for your business can be a great way to communicate with your customers and improve your search engine visibility. But blog posts are so much more than just writing a few things down and posting them: they need a little bit of strategy in order to be effective. Here are some of the components of a blog post that will be beneficial for your business and hopefully draw in more clients.

Have a Catchy Title for your Post

You know when you’re waiting in the supermarket checkout line and you glance at the magazines for a minute and pick one up to purchase it because of a catchy headline on the front cover? That’s exactly the same concept you need to emulate in your blog posts. You’ll likely get more visitors and readers to your post if you make the headline catchy and interesting. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords in the title will also likely increase your page views. For example, if you are writing a blog post about the best vacation spots in Texas, your title would be something like, “The 7 Best Vacation Spots in Texas” instead of “Places in Texas You Have to Travel To” because it’ll rank higher in searches.

Don’t Be Too Sales-y

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we don’t like to be overly sold to. When someone reads a blog post, they want to hear about something new, cool, and interesting. They don’t want to read about how your company is the best (even if it is!) because they’ll just feel like they’re being sold to, and they will probably click away quickly. Be genuine in your posts and offer something to read that you would want to read. Of course you can put a sales pitch or call to action in the post, but do that at the end so your blog reader doesn’t feel bombarded by offers or sales pressure.

Use Good Grammar and Spelling

Lastly, an effective blog post is one that is readable and that has good writing. Not everyone has to be J.K. Rowling when they write, but the post should at the very least have good grammar and spelling so that your readers understand what it is that you’re trying to tell them.

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How to Host an Effective Webinar

As a worker in the digital age, it’s likely that you’ve attended at least one or two webinars in some sort of professional capacity. It’s also likely that you’ve attended a webinar or two that you dropped out of early because it was so boring or because you didn’t think that what they were talking about was applicable to you after all.

If you’re thinking about hosting a webinar for your company, how do you do it without losing the interest of everyone online? Here are some things to consider on how to host an effective webinar.

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What Are the Basics of a Press Release?

A press release is the ultimate way to let the public know about a new product, service, milestone, or event that your company is hosting. If you are doing something especially interesting, a blogger or a newspaper reporter will possibly write a story about it, which could potentially reach a huge audience. So what are the basics of a press release and how do you write a good one that could generate some press? Here are some tips for writing an effective press release for your business.

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