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How to Host an Effective Webinar

As a worker in the digital age, it’s likely that you’ve attended at least one or two webinars in some sort of professional capacity. It’s also likely that you’ve attended a webinar or two that you dropped out of early because it was so boring or because you didn’t think that what they were talking about was applicable to you after all.

If you’re thinking about hosting a webinar for your company, how do you do it without losing the interest of everyone online? Here are some things to consider on how to host an effective webinar.

Should You Even Host a Webinar?

Many business owners get trapped in the perpetual wheel of making sure that they’re visible in every single online aspect possible, but that’s not really what matters when it comes to marketing. What matters is that all of your content is relevant to your particular customers.

Hosting a webinar is great when you actually have some decent advice to share with your customers that you think would be useful. Otherwise, it’s just going to look like a lot of bravado—and frankly it’ll be kind of boring. The first step to hosting an effective webinar is making sure that people will actually find the content useful and meaningful enough to set aside time during their busy day to attend (or listen in afterwards). B2B companies host most webinars, but that’s not necessarily a hard and fast rule. Just make sure the content is interesting and relevant.

Have Interesting Webinar Speakers

Webinars are like mini conferences, and like a conference you want to make sure that the speaker that you have lined up is interesting, engaging, and will have enough knowledge on the subject to be able to talk candidly and answer any questions that there may be.

When you’re looking at industry professionals to ask to do a webinar, make sure that they have good public speaking experience and that they are prepared to create a good dialogue with the crowd (even though they won’t be able to physically see them).

Have Interesting Slides or Videos

Lastly, in addition to having an engaging speaker, you also want to have something interesting for your webinar attendees to look at. Though the picture of your dog on your desktop background is charming, it won’t make for an interactive background while the speaker is talking. Make sure that you or the webinar presenter have slides and even videos to keep the attendees engaged and prevent them from exiting out of the conversation. Remember: the whole point is to drum up business with a webinar.

If you are thinking of hosting a webinar but are uncertain on where to start, consider hiring a virtual assistant who has expertise in the art of the webinar. Contact us toll-free at 877-554-0333 for more information!

photo credit: andersabrahamsson

Posted on July 12th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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