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How to Lower Stress When You’re a Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, there’s always something that is demanding your attention. Whether it’s trying to grow your business, a question from an associate, ordering new materials, or trying to figure out how to run a telesummit—chances are, you’re spending a lot of time working (or stressing about working).

When the stress builds up, you need to find ways to wind down. Although being busy and successful is great, you need to be sure to take care of yourself along the way. Here are some foolproof ways of lowering stress levels when you’re a small business owner.

Take a Lunch Break. Seriously.

There’s a reason why many places mandate a 15 minute coffee break or a 30 minute lunch break—because it gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and rest your hands and your brain for just a little bit. Expecting your mind to continually come up with brilliant ideas when you’re working 12-hour days with no breaks is simply unrealistic.

Even though you think it might put you far behind, take a long lunch or grab a coffee with one of your associates. Taking your mind off work for even just a little while will give you the energy to make it through the rest of the day and give your body a chance to relax from all the stress you’re putting on it.

Exercise When You Can

We’re certainly not the first ones to suggest that regular exercise can reduce stress, but there’s a reason why everyone says it: because it’s true. You may not be able to commit to a full hour workout every day, but that’s OK. Do what you can, and don’t beat yourself up about not being a gym rat (remember, you’re supposed to be getting rid of stress and not adding to it). While working out, remember to stretch, and do an exercise you enjoy such as cycling or yoga to make it an enjoyable experience instead of something you’re dreading.

Eat Something You Enjoy

Of course, everything is good in moderation, but there’s nothing like a giant cheeseburger, piece of pizza, frozen Milky Way bar, etc. to look forward to after a long day of work. Although it’s definitely important to eat a healthy, balanced diet (another great way to de-stress and improve your overall health), but everyone needs a way to unwind when you had three and got yelled at by a client during a very long day at the office.

Another great way to de-stress is to hire a virtual assistant for administrative needs, social media updates, and many other services. Need more information? Call Contemporary Virtual Assistance toll-free at 877-554-0333!

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Posted on August 3rd, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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