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4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your E-Mail Marketing Strategy

There is so much pressure to get everything right in a mass e-mail to your customers. Whether you have important information to pass onto them (such as a sale or a new service offered in your business), it’s crucial to make sure your mass marketing e-mails are going to be effective and worth your time.

If you’re not quite seeing the results that you need from e-mail marketing, here are a few things you might be doing wrong (and how to fix it!).

You’re Misspelling Words

There’s nothing more gut wrenching than spending hours of your time on an e-mail—carefully crafting the right words to say to promote a new tool or sale—and then you notice a big, fat spelling error as soon as you’ve sent it out to your customers.

It’s absolutely crucial to have someone thoroughly proofread your writing before you send it out to all your customers. (Don’t have a designated proofreader? Think about hiring a virtual assistant to do the job.)

Your Subject Line Has Too Much Punctuation

The exclamation point is meant to be used sparingly, so when you see it in a subject line 15 times you’re likely to hear someone screaming the title at you.

Think about it: If you have received an e-mail from an employee or a colleague that had a lot of punctuation in it, you might be kind of irritated. Punctuation matters! Use it sparingly and only when needed or otherwise it can be a nuisance and make your e-mails look like spam.

You’re Sending Way Too Many E-mails

E-mailing your customers with information on sales and promotions is always a great idea, but maybe not every single day. Clogging up someone’s inbox is a surefire way to get them to click the “unsubscribe” button or groan and delete every single time your company’s name pops up.

Mass e-mail marketing is great, but don’t overdo it. Only send out mass e-mails when you have something truly newsworthy to tell your customers. Otherwise, keep their inboxes freed up.

You’re Using Your Personal Account

Although there’s no official rule that says you can’t send your customers an e-mail from your personal account, if you’re sending to a large group, your emails could be blocked by spam filters. There are several e-mail marketing services, like MailChimp, that will send e-mails out for you that look professional and that will help you avoid the spam filter trap.  Trust us—it’ll be well worth the return on the small investment you’ll make.

If all this sounds overwhelming or time consuming to setup, outsource it! Email marketing is one of the easiest things to delegate to a virtual assistant.

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Posted on September 19th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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