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Digital or Old-Fashioned Pen and Paper? How to Organize Your Life Best

It’s clear that we live in the digital age. With millions of calendar apps, time management websites, and the ability to program your phone to remind you of your to-do list, there has never been a better time to get organized at work.

But the question is—even with all of the technology to help us keep up at work and make life easier, is it really doing that? Or is good old-fashioned pen and paper and a desk calendar still the way to go?

Here are a few tips on how to organize your life and figuring out how you work best.

Think About How Well You Use Digital Tools

Digital tools to help us keep on track of our work and our crazy life schedules are not in short supply. However, if you find yourself constantly ignoring reminders on all of your apps or calendar notifications, then are they really helping you? The answer is – probably not.

There’s also such a thing as having too many digital tools. If you have an app for everything, are you really saving any time or are you just adding more work for yourself to keep up with it all? Try streamlining your digital organizational tools to just one or two really useful apps or sites. You might be surprised at how much more functional your system will be by cutting out some of the clutter.

If streamlining still isn’t cutting it and you’re still forgetting things or missing deadlines here and there, then you might want to think about making the switch to a physical calendar or date book. Studies show that the act of writing things down helps us remember better, so, for some people, the old-fashioned way can be the more efficient work style.

Think About How Often You Use Digital Tools

Whether you’re a technophobe or you just prefer old school tools like a composition notebook or a desk calendar, it might not make sense to change up a perfectly good system just to keep up with the latest and greatest.

If you’ve been reluctant to embrace digital tools in your work life, it’s worth giving them a try to see if they improve your workflow or make anything faster for you. Also, having digital tools can be a lifesaver if you’re on a business trip or are spending some time traveling. You don’t want to forget you have a phone meeting just because you don’t have room in your suitcase for your planner or desk calendar.

Have your virtual assistant research the options and recommend one that will fit your work style. Try it for a month or so to see if it improves your efficiency. Give yourself some time to adjust to this different approach before you make a decision on whether to continue or not. You might be surprised at how helpful they can be.

Still Not Feeling Organized? Try Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you’re still not feeling on top of everything, then it might be your large workload that’s preventing you from getting organized. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you with administrative tasks like answering client calls, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, and other items that will help you focus on what matters most: growing and developing your business.

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Posted on September 12th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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