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Virtual Assistants – Going Above and Beyond!


My client, a professional speaker and real estate investor in Fort Meyers, FL, wasn’t new to working with virtual assistants. Her career goals required extra hands for her various areas of her business, and I was happy to assist.

I think, though, that my do-what-needs-doing attitude I surprised my client. Many VAs prefer to get specific direction before taking action, but I like to take action before anyone has to point out what needs to be done!

My client says it best: “My VA has gone above and beyond! She takes initiative and doesn’t wait for me to have to ask. I have a lot of different elements to my business that she keeps in order.”

Working with Ann is great, and she’s right: There definitely are many elements to her business, several of them working together.

As my client’s dedicated VA, I perform her calendar management, carry out list management in Infusionsoft, and have also managed frequent webinar presentations, including updating the landing pages and IS sequencing, as well as recording management after the presentations are complete. I loved staying on top of each and every assignment, and I made sure to follow up on every Assessment purchase.

I’m happy to be a part of my client’s team and help grow her coaching practice to new levels. Keeping things in order and taking initiative makes her days much smoother, and I’m looking forward to helping her fine-tune each process!

photo credit: Matt Biddulph

Posted on September 14th, 2017 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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