Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

What Makes a Good Logo?

Though it may seem small, a logo is one of the most important things for your brand and your business. A logo sets the tone for your business, and will be posted on your website, your social media accounts, business cards, and more. Your logo will be how your clients recognize you, and will be one of the first impressions of your business that new clients will see. But what makes a good logo? And how do you find a good graphic designer to help you create one? Here are some tips for envisioning and creating a great logo.

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3 Keys to Meet the Needs of Today’s Digital Consumer

Today, companies of all sizes are failing to understand the needs and wants of their customers, a common mistake that can impact future sales and growth. And with more and more options at our disposal, customer loyalty can be fleeting, which is why companies must do everything in the digital consumer’s power to remain top of mind.

Indeed, today’s digital consumers have the whole world at their fingertips — and companies that fail to adapt to ever-changing expectations and desires will get left behind. In order to win over customers and keep them coming back again and again, you’ve got to give them what they want — how they want it.

Nowadays, that means having a bona fide online presence and offering the ability to shop, make payments and seek out customer support through a seamless digital means. Ultimately, there’s a whole book to be written about the different and evolving strategies to keep pace with today’s digital consumer. But the following three factors are among the most critical. Keep these in mind and you’ll be able to not just survive — but thrive — in the modern marketplace.

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Top 5 Home Businesses that Hire Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are the key to success for many home businesses. Those who work from a home office to save on overhead can still get the help they need to grow their business through digital communication. Virtual assistants offer flexibility, a wide variety of skills and low risk for home business entrepreneurs. Here are five of the top home businesses that use virtual assistants to grow their business.

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Lost in the Social Media Marketing Jungle?

If you are trying to harness the power of social media marketing for your business, but feel lost on where to even start, you are not alone. It sounds simple enough; reach millions of people through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platform and grow your business. However, you and every other business owner are trying to tap that same market. If you are lost in the social media marketing jungle, it may be time to hire some professional help to show you the right path to your desired destination.

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Do You Wish You Could Duplicate Yourself?

When you first start building your business, you spend most of your time trying to get new customers or clients. Once you begin to get those customers, you begin to find time for expanding your business can become more and more scarce. Your business is growing, which is what you wanted, but now you are starting to get overwhelmed. What you need is to duplicate yourself to take some of the work off your plate, but you’re not sure if you are ready to have an employee. That is when a virtual assistant can be the best option.

Virtual assistants can tackle many different tasks, but are not on your payroll. You can hire one or more full-time, part-time or for a temporary project. There is so much flexibility and a vast amount of knowledge available in the pool of virtual assistants out there so you can find someone that can duplicate your skillset or add to it.

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