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How to Handle a Negative Customer Review on Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and best ways to connect with your customers and clients. It’s a great way to spread information about an upcoming event for your business or to showcase any new products that you may have. But what happens we you get a negative customer review?

Social media, as you well know, also gives customers the platform to write their honest opinions about your products and your business for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, sometimes these opinions aren’t necessarily positive and they can impact how other customers (or potential customers) view your company.

When you have a negative customer review on social media, here’s how to handle it to satisfy the customer and resolve the issue.

First, Don’t Panic

Although it might be easy to look at the negative customer review and either panic or get really angry, resist the temptation. If you answer immediately then you might regret what you say later or you might make the situation worse.

Instead, take a minute to organize your thoughts and calm down if the comment has you all in a tizzy.

Apologize, but Don’t Gravel

Before you can look into the situation that the customer is describing, it’s good to respond fairly quickly so it doesn’t look like you’re ignoring anything. Apologize to the customer with a simply “We’re sorry for the inconvenience” but don’t feel the need to gravel. You don’t want to look too desperate in the apology.

A simply sorry should do (along with a promise to look into the case and rectify anything if necessary) and your customer shouldn’t expect anything more.

Really Pay Attention to the Comment

Not every single complaint is a legitimate one, but some of them genuinely are a disappointment in the service or product that they received.

Read the comment and ask your employees and colleagues if they are aware of the situation that the customer described. If you see a flaw in how your company delivered services or goods, be sure to address the problem internally.

If there is an opportunity to offer the customer anything (such as a discount, a replacement, etc.) then be sure to do it if it’s feasible. This customer who complains may be one person, but the internet is essentially a megaphone. If you make nice with the customer then they’re more likely to tell their family and friends who you righted a wrong.

Also be sure to keep in mind that sometimes no matter how hard you try to please certain customers, they’ll always be complaining. If you’ve honestly tried to make them happy and they’re still dissatisfied chalk it up to a loss and move on.

Hire a Social Media Manager

Social media is quite the task to keep up with. If you’re feeling like you need someone to oversee the whole operation, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you out with your social media presence. Our experts at CVA can help you create posts, answer negative customer reviews, and optimize your profile.

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Posted on December 13th, 2017 by Client Advocate Team

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