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Tech Tools To Engage Employees and Boost Efficiency

It’s tough running an online business, and even tougher when you have employees that aren’t engaged in their work. However, there are tech tools you can use to help generate employee engagement and build knowledge assets that will be useful for years to come.

Knowledge Intended For Sharing

Building a knowledge base for your employees and customers is a fantastic way to improve efficiency. Simply put, a knowledge base is an online library of information. Easy access to information is a must these days. Your customers can find information about products or services our employees can access instructions for a job process or a virtually endless list of questions.

The magic comes into play when your employees contribute to the building of your knowledge base. The ones on the front line gain intimate knowledge about how your business works. Why not have them build a knowledge base for use long into the future?

Customers can access instructions on the best use of a product or service they have purchased or are thinking of purchasing as well as access to FAQ’s and troubleshooting guides.

In the Information Age, most folks want to skip the phone call and find the information they need on their own; this includes your employees. Give them what they want by building a knowledge base and your day will be significantly less hectic.

A Virtual Workforce And Collaboration

The gig economy has really bloomed over the last few years. Forrester Research published a study in 2016 that in 2010, 34 million people worked virtually. In 2016 that number exploded to 63 million. So how do you take advantage of this trend and still create engagement? You use tools that will promote collaboration:

  1. File Sharing – Cloud storage isn’t just used for in case your computer crashes. It is the best way to share files across your organization. And it can be done in a safe, secure environment. Use apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft’s One Drive. Not only can you share files but you can do it with any device.
  2. Project Management – Collaboration in a virtual workforce is made a ton easier with apps like Asana, Trello or Basecamp. Assign tasks and keep track of when they are completed. Comments back and forth encourage everyone to help get the job done.
  3. Whiteboards And Chats – If you need to have a virtual meeting to discuss a project apps like Slack, Discord and Hipchat could be what you need. Get your team involved in sharing documents, screenshots and ideas. The best collaborations encourage participation during a meeting.

These tools can be used whether you have in-house employees or outsource. Leverage them to get the most out of your employees and facilitate your company’s operations.

Posted on February 20th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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