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3 Things You Need to Do at Work Before You Leave on Vacation

Spring is finally in full swing—which means that summer vacations are just around the corner! Whether you’re headed for some sun and sand on the beach or you’re doing a museum marathon in Washington D.C. or you’re headed to a cabin in the middle of the mountains, a vacation is a great opportunity for rest and relaxation from work and school.

But before you go relax, there are a few tasks you should take care of at work prior to your scheduled vacation days. Although there may temporarily be an upswing in the amount of work you’re doing before you jet set off to your destination—the more you get done before you leave, the less likely your vacation will need to be interrupted by work.

Here are a few things to do before your plane takes off:

Set Up Your Out-of-Office Message in Your Email

If your inbox is constantly churning with emails from clients and associates, it’s probably a good idea to set up an automated away message when you’re gone. Even if you told all of your clients, employees or co-workers that you’d be gone for an extended period of time, they might forget and send a meeting invitation your way or shoot an email with time sensitive information that you’re unable to respond to. Let them know you’re gone immediately through a professionally worded out-of-office message that tells the sender how long you’ll be out and who to contact in case of emergency.

Contact Your High-Priority Customers a Few Days Before You Leave

Have a big project going with a high-priority client before you leave for vacation? It’s a good idea to contact them prior to your vacation so that you can touch base with them on the status of the project and remind them that you will be out of the office for a few days. This will get them thinking about questions or project problems and allow them some time to contact you before you leave.

Set Goals of What to Finish Up Before You Leave the Office

Although it’s great to think ahead about what needs to be done before you leave the office for a bit, but it’s going to be impossible to get everything you want to get accomplished. Focus on a few key tasks so that coming back to work won’t be as overwhelming.

Need some assistance while you’re out of the office—or just need some additional staffing to help you with regular administrative tasks? Consider hiring a virtual assistant to answer calls, schedule appointments, organize your calendar, and more!

photo credit: MBandman


Posted on May 10th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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