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4 Things to Include in a Customer Newsletter

A customer newsletter is the perfect way to engage with your existing customer base and let them know of anything new or exciting that’s happening in your company that might affect them in some way.

Keeping up with a newsletter can also be pretty challenging. From coming up with the content for each newsletter (whether it’s monthly or quarterly) to actually writing it to sending it out to customers, it can be a lot of work to put it together. On top of that, it might be difficult to come up with new, fresh content for each newsletter.

Here are a few ideas for newsletter content for your next issue.

How-To Articles

You are an expert in your field—so why not put that expertise to use? Write up a how-to article that would be useful to your customer base. It doesn’t have to be anything super complex, but it does have to be relevant to your business. For example, if you are a dog trainer, then it would make sense to write an article on “How to Keep Pets Off the Furniture for Good.”

Create a Survey or Poll

A newsletter doesn’t just have to be a one-sided conversation where you’re telling things to the customer. You can also ask for feedback on products, services, and more by asking your customers to fill out a survey or take a poll that you’ve created.

Write a Letter from the Owner

Similar to magazines including a letter from the editor-in-chief, you should also include a letter from the CEO or owner of the company. This will give the newsletter a sense of authority and will give the customer an insight into what kind of decisions are being made at your company and any new and exciting developments they can expect to see in the coming months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a new product or service that just launched? Your newsletter might be a good opportunity to clear up any common questions that your customers may have and provide further instruction as necessary.

Don’t have time to write a newsletter? Consider Hiring a Professional

Need someone to assist you in writing a newsletter? Your team of Contemporary VA writers and editors are skilled in different types of content and bring years of cross-industry experience to your writing or editing project. Contact CVA today for more information on services and pricing toll-free at 877-554-0333.

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Posted on June 21st, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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