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3 Things You Need to Do Before You Relocate Offices

Whether an office move was by choice or by force, it takes a lot of organization to relocate an entire office. When you’re faced with an office relocation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and worried, but with the right checklist of things to remember and things to do, you’ll feel settled into your new space before you know it.

Create a Timeline

Moving takes time—and this isn’t just a simple move from one home to the other. When an entire office moves, it’s good to have a timeline of at least three months for a small office and six months or more for a medium or large office.

You’ll want to have an exact date you can give the movers as well as when employees can start showing up to the new office for work. Plan for at least a couple of days getting up and running in the new spot, which means that your employees may have to sit it out at the old office or work from home temporarily.

Know the New Space

You’ll want to get to know the new space just as intimately as possible, because you want all of your colleagues and employees to get settled in just as soon as they can. If you can manage it, get the blueprints of the new space from the building manager and see if you can identify where outlets and storage space will be so that you can more definitive directions to the movers.

You may also want to do a quick compare and contrast with your current space versus your new one. For example, you may not have as big of a reception area in your new office as you do in your old one. Use this time to think about how you will adapt to this new space?

Assign Tasks to Volunteers

There’s no denying that you’re going to need some help with this move. If you have a large office, ask for volunteers in every department to assist you with tasks like ensuring that every employee has packed up their desks and see that everything is cleared out by a certain date.

If you are in a smaller office, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant who can help you schedule movers, assist with delivery confirmation, and help you create a timeline for your move. Call CVA Contemporary Virtual Assistance today toll-free at 877-554-0333 to learn more about pricing and services!

photo credit: myguys.nova

Posted on July 24th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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