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3 Ways Being an Entrepreneur Will Change Your Life

You were tired of the traditional 9-5 and you decided to embark on your own to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is an exciting journey that is full of its ups and downs. Not only can it make you in charge of your own schedule, but it can also completely alter the way that you live your life (mostly for the better). Entrepreneurship means flexibility, creativity, and no longer having a boss breathing down your neck to get things accomplished. While being on your own can certainly be challenging, it comes with a lot of its own rewards.

Whether you’ve already taken the plunge or you are considering diving into entrepreneurship, here are three ways in which being an entrepreneur will change your life.

You are Free to Pursue Your Own Creative Vision

Remember when you used to pitch ideas to your boss in meetings? They might have been receptive to them at the time, but nothing ever got started and everyone went back to business as usual.

When you’re an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to pursue all of your passions and finally get to flex those creative muscles. You get the chance to really see your dreams come alive.

You Get Control Over Your Time

Running a new business can take up a lot of your time and effort, but when you’re an entrepreneur you get to set your own hours. You can tailor you work according to your lifestyle—and your family’s schedule. When you worked at a traditional office job you might not have been able to stop at 4:30 so you could attend your child’s piano recital in the evening, but now you can. Being an entrepreneur means that you get to set those limits for yourself. It also means that you will be tempted to work all the time. Be sure to give yourself a break every now and again.

You Will Really Learn What It Takes to Keep a Customer Happy

When you’re working for someone else, you take a customer’s appreciation for granted, but when you’re an entrepreneur it takes on a whole new meaning. You are now totally invested in whether or not this customer will come back for repeat services or products and whether or not they will tell all their friends about your company. When customers take a chance on a new company, you will be especially appreciative of their business.

photo credit: MorseInteractive

Posted on July 18th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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