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How to Make the Most of Your Time Once the Kids Go Back to School

The school supplies have been bought, the first day outfits have been picked, and now the kids are finally getting ready to head on that big yellow school bus and make it in time before the first bell.

Summer is a wonderful time for the whole family, but between the vacations, summer camps, and kids running around the house, it can be difficult to get things done at work. But as the kids head back to school and get back into “work mode,” it can be a good chance for you to get into gear as well.

Here are a few tips on making the most of this time so that you can get ahead.

Skip the Temptation to Lounge After the Bus has Left

It can be incredibly tempting to keep lounging for a few more minutes after the school bus has left with your kids. You may want to treasure these moments of silence (has your house ever been this quiet?), but in order to really take full advantage of this earlier start you might want to get going yourself.

This can be especially challenging if you are self-employed and your office is just down the hall, but trust us: Your extra efforts in the morning will pay off once that school bus has dropped the kids back off in the afternoon and the house is filled with distractions once again. Plus, you’ll want to hear all about their days!

Schedule In-Person Meetings in the Afternoon

If you’re on afternoon pick-up duty, it’s best to schedule any in-person coffee meetings or client visits for the afternoon before you head off to the school. This will motivate you to get dressed and also ensure that you’re not running back and forth to your office all day long, which isn’t great for productivity.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Maximize Your Time in the Evenings

You may be excited that the kids are going to be vacating the house during the days so that you can finally get a little more work done, but the truth is that you can’t wait until they come back so that you can hear all about their days.

To maximize your time with them (and not worry about work), consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks like phone calls, travel bookings, client follow-up, and any other needs that may pop up from time to time.

Interesting in learning more about how a virtual assistant can help you grow your small business? Call CVA toll-free today for pricing at 877-554-0333.

photo credit: Franck_Michel

Posted on September 5th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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