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When Should You Put Out a Press Release About Your Company?

In order to tell everyone about this new and exciting development in your business, you need to write a press release that gives details about the event, product, service, etc. A press release is a great way to tell your community, your state, or even the whole country about the goings on of your business, but how do you know when it’s right to actually write up and send a press release?

Let’s go over when it’s appropriate to send out a press release and when you should do something smaller, like sending out a tweet or writing a blog.

Something has to be Newsworthy

In order for a press release to be relevant to a newspaper or TV crew, you’re need to make sure that it’s newsworthy.

So, what does it mean to be newsworthy? PBS NewsHour has a great definition of newsworthiness that it outlined for student reporters:

  • Timeliness: Immediate, current information and events are newsworthy because they have just recently occurred. It’s news because it’s “new.”
  • Proximity: Local information and events are newsworthy because they affect the people in our community and region. We care more about things that happen “close to home.”
  • Conflict: Conflict and controversy attract our attention by highlighting problems or differences within the community.
  • Human interest: We like unusual stories of people who accomplish amazing feats or handle a life crisis because we can identify with them.
  • Relevance: People are attracted to information that helps them make good decisions. We depend on relevant information that helps us make decisions.

If your company has something going on that could fit within these five parameters (although ideally, you’re not sending out a press release about conflict within your organization), it may be worth it to send a press release and see what happens.

What’s Not Newsworthy?

Unless you are a huge Fortune 500 company, of which staff change ups and promotions would be of interest to shareholders and the public, it’s probably not going to make headlines if you recently promoted your assistant or hired a new IT person.

Something small like this would be better suited for a blog, a tweet, or even an Instagram post to keep your customers informed of any exciting internal updates.

Need help writing a press release for your company? That’s a task that a virtual assistant would be able to handle. Learn more about the copywriting and editing services that CVA offers on our website, and about how you can hire your own virtual assistant for your business.

photo credit: Mark Bonica

Posted on September 26th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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