Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

Why Hire Multiple Virtual Assistants?

The reasons for hiring multiple virtual assistants begins with the same reasons you hire your first one. You want to be more productive, work less, see more, have more personal time, and still build your company. Delegating the mundane tasks to an assistant gives you the freedom to do what they can’t. This includes selling, creating product and strategic thinking and acting. You can even use a virtual assistant for organizing connections and resources, scheduling and editing or proofing your own writing. What additional reasons would you have to multiple virtual assistants?

Growing Your Business

It’s clear that to grow your business, you need time to focus on the vision outside of the housekeeping administrative operations and mundane tasks. How you grow your business and its national or global impact will relate directly to how much work and administration can get done to support your own efforts which require your time. This will include selling, promoting, developing a customer base, and networking for resources. The more done in these areas, the more administration will be required. The immediate image conjured of an organization like this includes a large office building with people meeting daily. Today, there is a large and growing number of CEOs delegating from their living room while their team of virtual assistants takes care of the daily administration of the business.


Think about the expense involved in running a corporation or business from a large building, all the permits, maintenance, property upkeep and taxes. There’s a lot of overhead involved with a brick and mortar business. Additionally, employee’s equipment such as computers, desk furniture and office supplies are no longer a necessity.

Resource Management Simplified

Virtual assistants come with their own needs met in their remote locations. This not only saves cost but simplifies the business model. Having an HR department in a brick and mortar business accounts for a great deal of cost, space and personnel management. Having multiple virtual assistants not only gets the work of running the business done but reduces the expectations for medical benefits and special perks.

Virtual Assistant Service Companies

There are over 100 global companies in the US that are run exclusively by one or two CEO/owners with the rest of the team made up from remote or virtual assistants. How do they do this? They hire a Virtual Assistant Service to vet, hire and manage their team of virtual assistants. This adds the extra benefit of eliminating the hassle of hiring, firing, tracking progress, and assuring detailed communication with a large number of individuals. It combines the best of both worlds: the utility of managing employees without the hassle or expense of an HR department and on location employees. It’s easy to find a great company to help with this business model.

photo credit: amtec_photos

Posted on December 26th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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