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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant Around the Holidays

The holidays can be a magical, family-oriented time of year—but they can also be crazy busy, stressful, and a little bit overwhelming. When all of the holiday parties and events start to pile up, it can become difficult to fit everything in at work and things may start to pile up.

To get you through the holiday season, you should consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you tie up the loose ends at the end of the year and get prepared for the next quarter. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider hiring a virtual assistant around the holidays.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Spend More Time with Your Family

The holiday season is a lot of hustle and bustle—going to parties, shopping like mad for the perfect present, and attending all sorts of holiday parties—but the essence of the season is all about togetherness and family. Hiring a virtual assistant would free you up so that you don’t have to work all those extra hours in the office doing administrative tasks that could easily be handed off to someone else.

Hiring a virtual assistant would make you available for all of those holiday pageants, concerts, and movie nights snuggled by the fire, and isn’t that what’s most important this time of year?

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You Organize Holiday Gifts and Cards

Many companies (particularly small businesses) will take the time to send their loyal clients and customers a holiday greeting at the end of the year just to thank them for a great year. This of course takes a lot of time to arrange for the cards/ small gifts and to gather up all the addresses and put them in a spreadsheet.

Even if you’re only sending on an email or newsletter to your clients, you’ll need someone to write or proofread what’s going out, which is, again, more time out of your day. Hiring a virtual assistant to complete these holiday tasks will help you remain personable to your clients but also not take away from other tasks that you’re trying to get done.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Allow Employees to Take More Time Off

If you normally have a right hand person at your side (your Jack or Jill of all trades) who handles all of your meeting setups, making appointments, and keeping you on task, it might be a bit of a shock if they’re taking off a few weeks at the end of the year.

While of course they are more than deserving of the time off, you’ll still need someone to fill their shoes while they’re out.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the perfect solution to fill in those gaps and make sure everything is running smoothly during the holiday season when many employees are taking off to enjoy time with their families.

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photo credit: kevin dooley


Posted on December 5th, 2018 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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