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Navigating Websites in an Online World

There was time when having a traditional brick and mortar establishment were all you needed, but today that’s not enough. It can be intimidating when you think about all that goes into building and maintaining a website, but it’s a requirement in today’s business world.

What goes into building and maintaining a successful website in an online world?

If you don’t have a site up and running, you’re missing a large piece of the revenue puzzle. Building your website is building your business. It can get complicated if you are trying to build your own website. A lot of marketing goes into the layout and content. That’s why getting a virtual assistant is really the best route to go. Get a virtual assistant to handle all of the heavy lifting. They are professional and experienced enough to build your vision, while also super serving your clients.

Grab Their Attention

You only have seconds to convince your visitors that your site is the one they need, so you have to start out with a clear and simple headline followed by a sub-headline with more detail. It should be about what you can do for them and have less emphasis on you.

Colors and Images

You want to choose a design that isn’t too busy. Strategically pick colors and pictures that makes it visually easy to follow the flow from one concept to another. You want them to stay on your website as long as possible. This is where it’s especially helpful to have a virtual assistant.

Dig a Little Deeper

You should have a clear, concise description about what you do and why it matters. Don’t use too much jargon and keep the sentences short and simple. You have to convey why they should buy from you. Tell them what makes your business the best.

Easy Navigation

You want to lead your prospective customer onto other pages on your website. Make links to other pages easy to see. Ensure they can find what they need by providing a well-written and organized navigation page that is easily accessible.

Perceived Value

Include a link on your homepage that leads them to a special offer, like a guide, desktop wallpaper, ringtone or anything that can be downloaded for free that you can relate back to your business. People tend to stay on the site longer and usually explore other pages while waiting for a download.

photo credit: medithIT

Posted on January 11th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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