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How Social Media Grows Your Business

If you’re not online, then you’re behind the times. The internet, once thought to be a passing fad, has ended up being more popular than anyone imagined. With so much access to around the clock interaction, social media applications and websites rose in popularity. Facebook (with an estimated 1.7 billion monthly active users), Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter names only a few. If you aren’t utilizing the power of social media, you should.

Spread the Word

Nothing gets information out faster than social media. Have you heard of something going “viral”? It’s the result of something being shared over and over again and is usually seen by millions of people. So, if you’re having a great special and one of your customer’s re-shares your post to her community page, it could potentially bring in more customers.  Depending on how much that’s shared, it could be a lot.

Can’t Beat the Price

FREE! Although for a business account, you may want to invest a little into low-cost advertising features within the social media website algorithm. An algorithm filters what is seen in news feed. Social media advertising is usually very cost effective, so you can spend a little money to get a lot of exposure.

Reaches All Demographics

You don’t have to target an audience. All people across all countries, social statuses, financial structures, cultural boundaries and age use social media. All you have to do is provide good, fresh content. Someone from your ideal demographic is probably logged on right now.

Engages Your Customers

It’s not a scenario where you put your product or service out there and then that’s the end. Consumers can buy it or not. Often times, people have questions and will use social media to communicate. A comment here or a question there gives you the chance to interact with your customers. You’re letting them know their business is important to you when you take the time to follow-up.

E-Mail Marketing

Social media is a great place to harvest information for your mailing list. Offer a free download for something that requires an email address to participate, and you have the beginning of an email marketing list. Use it strategically and ethically. Don’t violate any privacy laws by keeping up with state and federal ordinances. Virtual assistants are professionals who can run the back office, take phone calls, generate leads and take care of your web content. It’s smart to hire one to avoid any issues.

photo credit: Visual Content

Posted on February 21st, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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