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Why Web Content is Important

It’s important to have good architecture, designs and interactivity, but it’s not what makes people stay on your site. It’s your web content. If they’re not reading what they’re looking for, they’ll click the back button. Studies have shown that the estimated time people spend browsing before leaving is 3 seconds. Your web content needs to grab their attention in that amount of time.

The Importance of Web Content

Customers find your website through search engines. They enter in a word or phrase and a list populates with all of the pages that could be related to what they’re searching for. If you have stale information on your site, people won’t know if you are what they are looking for. Web content that is up to date, relevant and informative will help boost your business through search engine results.

Types of Web Content

There are two types of web content that are used together to build your site. One is text and the other is media.

TEXT: This is all written content on the page. It includes headlines, the “About Us” or history section, location, directions and hours of operation. Also included is information on events or promotions. Pages are usually added to websites to accommodate blogs and press releases. All of this and more is text web content.

MEDIA: This includes images, sound and video as well as anything animated. Images are usually pictures or graphic that are optimized for fast loading. Sound and video can be great media web content, but not if used too often. It should be just enough to capture attention, but not intrude. Having some media start automatically usually results in people leaving the page.

What is Good Content?

Some people think loading your site up with a lot of graphics or animations grabs people’s attention. The truth is, too much of that drive’s potential customers away. Think of simple, clean themes without a lot of distraction and high-quality text content. If you appeal to the interests and needs of your customers, good web content can increase your web traffic and bring in referrals.

Copywriting and Editing

Since good copy is the engine that drives your website’s success, it makes sense to seek out a virtual assistant. There’s no overhead, you get professional writers and they guarantee their work. If you want potential customers to stay on your site and buy something or to simply learn about your product or services, it’s imperative that your text web content speaks to your audience. There’s no better way to get that than to have someone with experience leading the way.

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Posted on February 8th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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