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Customer Service Tips

You can’t please all of the people all of the time and that is a fact, but you can please some of them. The people you want to please are your customers. After all, their repeat patronage and recommendations are what keep you in business in the first place. There’s a poplar saying: the customer is always right. Well, we know that isn’t true, but what do you do to make them happy anyway?

Ordering Made Easy

The best thing you can do to avoid issues is to make your ordering system easy to use. Is your website informative? Is the check-out easy to navigate? Is it accessible on mobile, where a majority of web search engines are utilized? Make it so simple that the customer doesn’t even have to contact you. All of the information they need should be there.

Go with the Paperwork Flow

The best way to avoid having an irate customer is to make transactions with your business as smooth as possible. You need an organization system in place that best serves both you and your customers. If you’re disorganized, perhaps the purchase order gets lost or some other important piece of information goes missing. That’s a quick way to irritate your customers. Keep your ordering system, which includes the initial purchase, fulfillment of the order, tracking, invoicing and billing, clean.

Provide Tracking

People want to know the status of their delivery. Regardless whether it’s an actual product or a service, your customers want to know that you will deliver when you say you will. Offer an “on-time” guarantee to give people a certain degree of comfort knowing their order is a priority and that you will do something about it if communication gets crossed.

Limited Automation

People still want to talk to people. It can get frustrating navigating through a push button system that may or may not get you where you need to be. When an issue arises, customers want someone to talk to about it. You need a live person answering phones. Some people like to call and talk to a live person, while others would prefer to email or use a chat or instant messaging service.

This is where hiring a virtual assistant might be in your best interest. You can have someone taking your customer service calls, replying to emails and answering IM’s from customers while paying no extra office overhead to maintain them. Best of all, if you don’t like them, you can pick someone else. No complicated paperwork and employee benefits to worry about.

photo credit: anemometersatya

Posted on March 20th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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