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E-Mail Management

E-mail management is tricky because it has two different goals. The first one is to manage your e-mail inbox into organized and understandable files. The second one is to manage your outgoing email marketing campaign. Setting up your email system correctly will take some time, but in the long run, you will reap the benefits. Chaos has no place in work flow and managing your e-mail system is one of the first steps to preventing chaos.

Pencil Yourself In

Organization isn’t an accident. It’s a commitment. It’s not something that’s just going to happen without some kind of effort on your part. Make it a part of your routine. Do not leave your e-mail open all day. Commit to checking it at intervals that makes sense for you in order to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

Filing System

Folders in your email should be clearly labeled and designed to expand to meet your needs. Start with a broad topic, like Account Executives, then create sub-folder for each associate. Schedule regular reviews of your folders to eliminate or move files. Use the FAST system to determine what to do with it next.




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You need to market your business, but you don’t want anyone to consider your e-mail spam. Use your database to personalize the email. The message is the same, but if you enter you customer names or birthdays into your e-mail system, you can then schedule these in advance and save time. Offer items or services based on previous purchases or offer a “sneak peek” of a new product or service. Include links that bring them to your website.


Simply put, it’s targeted marketing. You wouldn’t send an invite to a local event to your nationwide database. It’s about knowing your audience and catering to what you know about them.

Mobile Friendly

The internet is in our pocket and most of the time, people check emails on the go with tablets or smart phones. If your message is hard to read or takes too long to load, the likelihood that it will be skipped increases. It’s suggested that you may want to send out plain-text instead of html rich messages. Do both to test your audience.

This is where a virtual assistant would be helpful. They’re efficient, experienced and can use software to schedule delivery of professionally marketed material. Some assistants even specialize in developing leads. Plus, there are no employee benefits or overhead to worry about AND if you don’t click with one, you can get another one until you find what you need.

photo credit: Filip Patock

Posted on March 26th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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