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Launching a New Product With a Virtual Assistant

Launching a new product for your company can be a very exciting time, but also pretty stressful. You can’t just pause regular business as you work on new products or set up new events for other products. It also costs time and money to develop any new product, and you want to do that as painlessly as possible. We suggest start out by reading Effectively Launching a New Product. Then, don’t do it the hard way; get yourself some cost-effective help. Make it easier to launch your new product by hiring a virtual assistant. There are several tasks that VAs are great at, taking stress off your shoulders and getting more done, so you can focus on what only you can do.

Tasks Associated with a Product Launch for Your VA To Do

Depending on what your business is, products can range from service packages, software products, training events and webinars, ebooks, or a variety of other products and services. Your VA can not only help with the development and testing of your product, but with marketing and some selling aspects of the product itself.

  • Product Development Tasks related to graphic design, copywriting of descriptions and instructions are common VA jobs. Some products’ development might be as simple and inexpensive as sifting through your previous content to update for technology and cultural references or constructing and proofing content. Such products using these VA services could include new eBooks, webinars and telesummits.
  • Sales-Related Tasks and Testing –  Any products sold from your website will need a shopping cart and cashier to be developed and tested. While essential for your launch to be successful, these are tasks that many VAs could handle. Do you already have a website to launch from, or is your website set up to accommodate displaying or distributing your product? A VA could design or update your website to handle whatever you’re selling.  
  •  Marketing and Promotion – With infinite tasks related to launching your new product, VAs have invaluable expertise in primary and ongoing marketing. They can also create promotional content for your website announcing your new product launch. Targeted email marketing, press releases, handling FAQs, responding to customer inquiries, and planning events are common VA tasks easily taken off your plate. Additionally, your VA can manage your social media coverage of the launch on more than one platform, referencing everything back to your website.  

Hiring staff to do these tasks would be cost prohibitive for most small businesses. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you skip housing an HR department, avoiding additional overhead with great results for your new product launch.

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Posted on April 24th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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