Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

Learning to Delegate

Nobody knows the vision you have for your company like you do. You’ve thought of every detail. You’ve outlined the path that feels the most successful to you. You’re following your dreams. All of that takes hard work and you do work hard, but you can’t do everything yourself. When you try to manage all aspects of your business your focus is torn between one, two or more issues and can result in having less attention to detail in all matters. That leads to mistakes. It doesn’t pay to spread yourself so thin. 

Army of One

It sounds bold, but being an army of one is overrated. It means you are doing all of the work yourself. It’s the quickest way to get burnt out. Part of your growth lies in sharing your vision with someone else and working as a team to build your business up. You might think you are growing your business by handling everything, but getting help will actually make you more productive. You’ll have free time to spend however you see fit and regain focus, spending your time where it’s needed the most.


Not only should you be able to focus on individual aspects of your business, but you should also be able to focus on yourself. When was the last time you had any “down time”? Too much stress can cause a myriad of health issues. Alleviate some of it by rewarding yourself with the best gift of all: time. Delegating tasks helps you spend more time focusing on your health and family.

Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant is like having an employee without the overhead. Most are very well trained and even offer guarantees on their work. One would be ideal for someone who is learning to delegate. What can a virtual assistant do for you?

  • Manage software programs like Infusionsoft, MailChimp and 1ShoppingCart that are designed to help market your business and increase sales.
  • Back office duties, like order processing, delivery confirmations and follow-ups
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service and support
  • Answer phones and manage your email campaigns
  • Coordinate your schedule, appointments and to-do list


Allowing someone else to take over some tasks is great for you in other ways, too. You save time, alleviate stress, spend more time with your family and get top-notch professional work done in nearly every aspect of business management. Delegation is the answer!

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Posted on April 26th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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