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Businesses that Benefit from Hiring Virtual Assistants

You might have noticed that home-based businesses are becoming far more common, and that for home-based as well as brick and mortar companies, hiring virtual assistants is becoming a noticeable trend. How might your business might benefit from working with virtual assistants? Your immediate ability to benefit may be affected by your industry.

Industries That Commonly Use Virtual Assistants

Due to their unique characteristics and needs, certain industries have taken the lead in hiring and using virtual assistants on a regular basis. Some of those industries are:

  • IT Companies – The IT industry is literally made for virtual assistants since just about every basic task these businesses work with can be done remotely. They were the first companies to create remote work environments.
  • Finance and Accounting professionals – So many numbers and data entries, and so little time. Accounts payable and receivable, reconciliations, and updating customer information for bookkeeping software is incredibly labor and time intensive. Skilled Virtual assistants can make short work of these arduous tasks.
  • Real Estate and Property Managers – There’s a lot of paperwork, scheduling, marketing, social media, lead generating, and catering to customers involved for the sale of just one property. Real Estate agents and brokers are often sole proprietors who need more time than they have to manage many accounts. Get more info about the benefits of Real Estate Agents Hiring Virtual Assistants.
  • Marketing Companies – Marketing companies understand the need for the very skills that virtual assistants offer for website copy, editing, blogging, graphic arts, social media and related ads, internet research, and mass emailing.
  • Attorneys – Being overworked is common for attorneys in large or small firms. They are focused on dealing with cases with no time or interest in daily office duties. Attorneys know from the start they need help and benefit greatly by outsourcing office administrative tasks to virtual assistants.
  • Entrepreneurs – Single business owners and small firms often opt out of the expense of brick and mortar buildings or HR departments. Today, they might work from a mobile office or their home. They appreciate and understand the simplicity and security of working with a trusted individual or team of virtual assistants for paperwork, marketing and details so they can focus on growing their business.

The truth is that most, if not all, types of businesses could, at least, reduce operating costs by having a virtual assistant. Daily operations can be entirely by remote assistants, saving money, time and stress for small and larger businesses. Virtual assistants, with their wide range of skills and availability, appear to be a trend that will only grow over time.

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Posted on May 31st, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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