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Mass Emailing for Your Small Business

Mass emailing is more than sending ads or announcements en masse. It’s a strategic part of a business marketing plan which keeps stakeholders, partners and subscribers informed regarding company events, new products and promotions on a regular basis. It’s also a task easily completed by your virtual assistant. Email marketing is a large industry, with software and some free services to help businesses and organizations reach their customers, patrons and networking partners. You may want to consider a few programs out there by reading Convertkit vs Mailchimp – What’s the Difference?

What’s So Good About Mass Emailing?

There are many benefits of keeping a regular schedule of mass emails:

  • – Your scheduled email shares company news, events and vision, keeping your company visible, while targeting certain demographics with specific info.
  • Automated – Create messages ahead of time and schedule for automated release. Couple this function with a virtual assistant who can create the email content manage your responses for a low-cost, low-stress, time-saving process.
  • Subscribers – Your contact list is created from people who have come to your site or otherwise expressed an interest in your company. Your notices are less likely to end up as spam or trash before being read.
  • Inexpensive –  Numerous software mass-emailing services exist that start out free but offer inexpensive upgrades and packages. 
  • Quick damage control – There are times when your company might need to inform its customer base of problems before it hits the news. This includes news of data breaches, health or safety warnings, recalled products, or any number of potential PR trouble-causing scenarios.   

Tips for Your Email Marketing Plan

Mass emailing can be easy and useful. Here are a few suggestions when using it in your marketing plan:

  • No spamming – The quickest way to make them unsubscribe is sending emails too frequently. Plus, only send to people who signed up; that’s the law.
  • Short and sweet – Nobody wants to read a long email. Make them short, organized with headers for paragraphs and easily scanned.
  • Style with Substance – Make it attractive with recognizable logo, font and coloring.
  • Easy subscription – Make the sign-up easy to find on your website or when visiting your social media platforms.
  • Specialize – Don’t send every email to everyone. Send relevant information or promotions to specific demographics. This covers more ground without becoming an email pest. (Remember, no spamming.)
  • Mobile device formats – Many of your subscribers will read your emails on their phones or tablets. Make sure it’s set up to look nice on both a monitor and a hand-held device.
  • Content over calendar – While having a regular schedule of emails is good, don’t send a message if you have nothing to say. Only send when you have quality content to share, or subscribers will get annoyed.

Mass emailing can be a great tool for connecting with your subscriber base. If you don’t have the time or skill to do it right, consider hiring a virtual assistant to take the pressure off of you. 

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Posted on May 3rd, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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