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Virtual Assistants as Copy Writers and Editors

Outside of customer letters and general reporting, today businesses are expected to have an online social presence. Your website might be beautiful and user friendly, but your pages have to say something that your potential customers want or need to hear. If you need help with that, you might want to brush up on the Basics of Writing Copy for Your Website.  Your website should post interesting content about your industry that establishes you as a leader in the field, but what do you do if you aren’t much of a writer or you simply don’t have the time? Having a virtual assistant or team can solve this problem.

Virtual Assistants Have Great Writing Skills

A small business’s lack of skill or time to write great copy doesn’t mean your company website has to go without. Of course, it’s important to use proper spelling, grammar and syntax, but there’s a lot more to great writing than the mechanics of written language. Here are some of the types of writing your company needs that can be done for you by virtual assistants:

  • Blogs, Web Articles, Web Copy, Ebooks, Ezines – Though many might assume company staff always writes their own blogs and copy, blogs are outsourced to professional writers all the time.Today, business blogs are often more about educational and practical topics than personal, answering questions and giving guidance to an audience about products, services, business or life tips. There’s nothing wrong with your virtual assistant writing for your company as long as they are presenting your material in line with your company philosophy and practices. They might also be able to express what you mean better than you can, and that voice can be quite authentic.
  • Reports, Press Releases, Newsletters and Promotional Emails – When left to busy CEOs, these critical types of communication can sometimes be hurried or read like a text book. Dry or boring content doesn’t bring followers to your website or social media. Virtual assistants who specialize in writing creative business copy can reinvent your data, vision points, and event news, presenting them as fresh and relevant headlines to your customer and industry audience.  
  • Editing – When blogs and written communications must originate from a busy owner or staff member, there is a solution for you, too. If you’re concerned that your writing style or skills are a little rough, having your virtual assistant perform professional editing to your own writing might be just what you need. Keep that authentic voice, experienced expert tips and personal touch, while presenting a professional and clear message which represents your brand well.

Hiring a virtual assistant to write content and copy for your business documents and website can save time so you can focus on developing great quality products and services. Having a virtual editor can allow you to be an authentic and creative writer who presents yourself, your company and your material in an interesting and professional manner.

photo credit: freddie boy

Posted on May 22nd, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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