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What to have Your Virtual Assistant Do: Outsource

There’s never been a time in history with more technical ability or need to outsource some of your company’s workload. If you’re undecided regarding whether or not you should outsource some of your company work, you can check out To Outsource or Not to Outsource. Without the expense of a brick and mortar business, home-business entrepreneurs have many options to create full service attention for their clients at far less overhead cost. You may have short-term accounts that require outsource help on a temporary basis, but today, much more of the day to day office and account maintenance is easy to outsource on a long-term, perhaps even permanent, basis.

What tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant

You’ve made the tactical decision to hire at least one virtual assistant but aren’t sure what jobs to have outsourced. Once you understand how versatile and capable a virtual assistant is, choosing what to assign to them becomes an easy decision. There are a host of daily and regular tasks that your virtual assistant or virtual team can handle for your business: 

  • Data Entry & Bookkeeping

Data entry can be a tedious task for owners, service providers and key sales staff who need to fulfill their very specific goal-oriented jobs. Follow-up from phone calls and expos, meetings and networking is crucial but can easily be assigned to your virtual assistant. Creating or updating client & vendor profiles, invoicing, accounts payable/receivable entry, balancing bank registries and following up on bills keeps daily business records on track and are easily outsourced, as long as you hire VAs that you can trust. 

Online communication and scheduling tools have revolutionized interoffice coordination for years, but today’s software helps businesses coordinate across great distances, too. Virtual assistants, by the nature of working remotely, are exceptionally skilled in all manner of scheduling, calendars, communications and making arrangements. They can help plan events, prepare presentation material, and contact clients and vendors to confirm appointments. They can even manage email and receive inquiry or service calls from designated business lines.

  • Marketing & Website Assistance

Marketing your business can require a lot of busy work to keep up with social media pages, keeping your new and current clients apprised of events and promotions. Your website can also be created, enhanced and maintained by virtual assistants who can address all graphic design, content and copywriting for your blogs and articles.

In the end, the key to assigning jobs for your virtual assistant starts with choosing tasks that you the owner or other employees onsite either don’t have time to do or don’t have the inclination or strongest skillset for. Your virtual assistant or virtual team can boost your own productivity by freeing your time to focus on growing your business and providing the quality goods and services you offer.

photo credit: Joe The Goat Farmer

Posted on May 8th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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