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Keep Your Office Running with a VA

How on Earth do you get everything done, especially with limited active employees, or maybe none at all besides yourself? Virtual Assistants can handle just about any type of task necessary in an office. They can literally keep your “Office” running on a daily basis, which gives the owner a lot of flexibility in where they can work from, or in taking time off. Working with VAs can make it possible for a self-employed business owner to go on a vacation without the business falling apart.

Tasks That Can Be Delegated to a VA

Most small business owners try to do too much but they simply don’t have the time. Understanding just what tasks your VA could learn to take care of can better inform an owner what tasks they can and should let go of in order to make the most of their own strengths. Tasks easily taken over by VAs include:

  • Email, daily correspondence and mass mailing

Most newsletters, mass mailings and mass emails are not so personal that you need to write them, yet it takes up your time. Allow a VA to get to know your company and purposes for the correspondence and they can take this tedious chore off your hands. They can set up a schedule and write much of it ahead of time, while setting a program for scheduled posting or sending.

Having VAs for customer service can be a Godsend. Since they work remotely, you can have a few covering the phones  around the clock, depending on your business. Taking receptionist messages, dealing with client concerns and orders as well as making follow-up and schedule reminder phone calls or emails covers a lot of useful office-work ground.

  • File management, bookkeeping and data entry

Database and bookkeeping tools make these kinds of organizational tasks very easy to keep up with online. Your VA can do these jobs literally any time of day or night as their schedule requires

  • Creative graphics, copy writing and editing for website and social media

Creating content for marketing, flyers, press releases, and even running your website and social media are valuable tasks that are more than administrative.

Knowing some of the tasks that could be covered by a VA helps a business owner choose carefully what to delegate and what to allow themselves to do. Repetitive or tedious tasks should probably always be delegated. With the proper training, communication and patience, a great virtual staff can run their office while the owner focuses on doing their business, or perhaps, even taking a vacation.

photo credit: Iaia Quarchioni

Posted on June 12th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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