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Taking Care of Yourself Will Help Your Business

It’s a common theme that entrepreneurs and business owners put a lot of hours in to make their business work. Hiring a good VA can take some of your daily tasks off your plate, but even then, owners often spend too many hours on the job. While hard work is certainly a virtue, not caring for yourself so you get burned out is not. Not only can “burning out” or focusing only on making your business work hurt your relationships and your health, eventually, it will hurt your business. Sometimes a little effort on your part to de-stress after work will help. Burn-out on the job isn’t helped by “doing more.” Ever hear the phrase, “work smarter, not harder?” Taking care of yourself is part of how that works.

Ways to Get Healthy on All Levels

De-stressing is great but creating a regular lifestyle of well-being requires regular, conscious effort. If you think you’re doing “OK” in taking care of yourself, ask yourself if you’re following these steps in self-care:

Busy people tend to eat too much fast food on the run. Unfortunately, junk food/comfort food doesn’t provide adequate nutrition or fuel to do all that your body needs to do. Real food requires some thoughtful planning. Pick a day for food prep and have prepared or planned-out ingredients with ready-to-eat items in the fridge so your cravings don’t lead you astray. Your mental clarity, mood, memory and sleep will improve with a few lifestyle changes.

  • Daily Physical Exercise

Getting a gym membership isn’t a bad idea, but seriously, taking a 30-min walk before, during, or after work would likely be a big improvement in your physical activity ratio. Mix it up with other activities, like bike riding, dancing, weightlifting or swimming. Any physical activity done every day can get your heart pumping. If you currently have time for your Facebook newsfeed or watching Netflix, you can make time for a short jog. Staying active contributes to mental clarity, innovative and creative thinking as well as general physical health.

  • Quiet time

When’s the last time you allowed yourself quiet time to read or just be alone? Journaling, painting, drawing, writing a poem, or doing anything contemplative and thoughtful can recharge your batteries.

  • Socialize with people outside of work

Build relationships with people from church, your neighborhood and extended family. Volunteer in your community or join a local club or team. Find ways to interact with people who can support you outside of your business.

  • Sleep

Although sleep should probably be the first priority in your health, it’s often the last consideration. When there isn’t enough time in the day, many busy people steal extra work time from their precious sleep hours. It’s a bad habit that will catch up with you sooner or later. Sleep deprivation is the #1 reason for poor performance and low productivity.

Take care of your business by taking better care of yourself. You will get a great return in every aspect of your life when you invest in yourself.

photo credit: ravalli1

Posted on June 19th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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