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Types of Copy Writing for Your Business

It might be easy to imagine hiring a virtual assistant for general office administration tasks for your small business. Companies with brick and mortar often have accountants, bookkeepers and data entry done remotely by outsourced or subcontracted remote workers. Even though business owners must get products and services coordinated, use social media and marketing, and deal with high level decisions, they often don’t choose to hand off writing tasks to remote workers, currently referred to as virtual assistants, VAs. They naturally convince themselves that any writing or messaging from the company needs to be done by an officer, but this is just not true. With a little guidance and feedback, a VA can be an excellent resource in writing all kinds of business copy, saving time and worry for the execs. The writing might be higher quality, as well.

What Copy Writing Can a VA do?

Literally any writing assignment an owner might imagine needing to write can be done by a VA. Here are some common examples of assignments that can be taken off an owner’s plate for a very inexpensive rate by a skilled copy writing VA:

  • Press releases

Any interaction with ads, print publications, and event info that needs to be distributed, companies do still send out press releases. They need to be done is a professional format with impeccable grammar. This kind of writing is not where you want a lack of care. An example of common press release mistakes that your VA will know to avoid can be found here.

Subscribers to your emails, potential new customers and current customers should receive regular correspondence in order to keep your products and services on the top of their minds. You want the best quality writing and editing for these mass correspondence pieces. These areas are great tasks that a VA can not only handle for you but do so in less time than many business owners might take, and marketing flair and professionalism.

  • Blogs and articles

We hate to break it to you, but many business blogs are not written by the owners of the business. A VA who is properly trained and acquainted with your company and industry can save you tons of time and stress by writing informational and practical guides to useful topics that your followers will care about. These articles and blogs are posted on your website, giving site visitors an ample variety of topics to peruse, establishing your company as the “go-to” source for that industry. Linking this content to your social media drives followers to your site, which is an important part way of increasing foot traffic and future sales for your company.

Allowing yourself to delegate company writing jobs to a VA can not only save you time but assure regular contact and updates with your customers. Regular posting schedules show that your business is active, that you care, and gives a professional impression.  

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Posted on June 26th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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