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Why Using Facebook for Business Can Be a Big Deal

In general, using social media has become a necessary part of any marketing plan for small businesses. There are several social media platforms to choose from, and many companies try hard to keep up with at least two or three at a time. Social media can be a great way to connect the public with your website, which otherwise might get little traffic if people don’t know its out there. Linking your social media accounts to content on your website is a great start. For more on how social media helps your business, check out this article.

Facebook- the Social Media Giant

As mentioned, there are many platforms to choose from, when it comes to creating profiles for your business to interact with potential and existing online customers. While some businesses struggle to keep up with many, it can be tough for business owners to follow and maintain one such account, never mind three. Tracking, posting and interacting with customers on your social media is a great job you can give over to a virtual assistant. Whether you use a VA or not, however, you might want to focus mainly on one platform, and in that case, Facebook might be your best choice. Here are a few facts about using Facebook as your social medial platform for business:

  • Facebook has a huge reach

The March 2019 number of active worldwide Facebook users is up to 2.38 billion. The next highest is YouTube at 1.9 billion and then Instagram, also owned by Facebook, at 1 billion. The numbers cut considerably downward after that, so Facebook is clearly the queen of the social media network platforms and cannot be dismissed or ignored.

  • Facebook pages

Creating a page for your business was introduced a few years ago as a business upgrade from the previous “group” utility. Though groups are still used, they tend to be used for social organizations to interact on a personal level around a common interest. Pages were specifically designed with business and promotional needs in mind. They are also free to create, so everyone should have one. Followers can “like” your page and content, driving algorithms and creating analytics. Businesses have control over their content, rather than followers or members (as in groups.) Page owners have access to statistics regarding the dates, times and numbers regarding how people visit and interact with their business page.

  • Advertising and analytics

Once a business has a Facebook page, they can pay a nominal fee for Facebook ads. The analytics provided help create posting schedules and inform the best times for posting when followers are morel likely to be online to view them. Facebook ads can also be boosted, and focused targeting sends your ads to other demographics that may be more likely to become future customers.

Your VA can not only create your Facebook page, but maintain it, and even create content, such as blogs, articles, graphics and images for your website which can be linked to your Facebook page. So much marketing power with little financial investment and very little time taken from a business owners day.

photo credit: Got Credit

Posted on June 7th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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