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Become the Local Expert in Your Field with Social Media

Chances are, if you’ve worked hard and risked a lot to start or run a business in your community, then you are likely a true expert in your field. You have a great product or service, and you have many satisfied customers to show for it. None of that does your company any good unless it translates to more business. Word of your quality service or product needs to get out so that customers know you are indeed the right company to go to if for great quality and service at a fair price. Customers need a company that operates with integrity. Let them know that you are the ones to contact when they wish to be educated or need help solving a problem. You need to be known as their personal & trusted local expert and social media can get you there.

Ways to Be Their Expert

In order to position your company as the local expert in your field, start by building a company website. It doesn’t need to be expensive, flashy or loaded with features. What it does need is to be functional with all links working, look pleasing, and include contact information for your services and products. You should also be able to update it regularly. Having a website presence on the internet is your base to launch your social media platforms. Try to post content that does more to establish your expert status in the field rather than try to sell your products or services directly. Nobody will tune in to a site which is one big commercial.

  • A blog is usually included on a dedicated page of your website. It can be written by the owner by name or posted as a general article for the business without a byline. In the first case, the owner is presented as a specific expert in the industry. In the latter case, the business is held up, and anyone can write it. Your blog can then be automatically posted through linking the site page to your social media account. Tips for blogging.
  • Post Industry Material – Your company website can have many types of educational material posted as industry or company material: FAQs, links to interesting articles on other sites you are affiliated with or find interesting, as well as dramatic or humorous, industry-related photos  Your followers might share or re-tweet these to other people on their friends list.
  • DIY or Catalogs – If you have a service oriented business, such as plumbing or construction, you may want to demonstrate easy DIY repairs or maintenance that you feel every homeowner should know. Create helpful videos to teach your followers what to do, posting them on your site and linking the page with that video to your social media newsfeed. Product catalog photos or videos could also show off your expert workmanship or wares.
  • Testimonials and Reviews – There’s no better place to post the testimonies and stories from satisfied customers than your site, which again, should be linked along with photos in your album of previous jobs.

photo credit: lexly87 aka Duc N. Ly

Posted on July 10th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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