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How Good Leaders Inspire Productivity From Employees

Business owners often have a great vision for their products and services. Business owners come with a wide variety of skills used in their company and industry. They may be innovative or charismatic with a flair for PR, marketing or sales. One thing every small business owner needs to do well at some point, is manage people that work for them. Basic managers’ primary purpose is to control situations or people efficiently in order to get particular tasks done. This is a valuable skill, but mostly deal with short-term goals. There’s a better way, however. While employees like a good manager, what they long for is Leadership.

Leaders look at the long haul, showing employees how to reach their full potential. Leaders value their people, helping develop employee skills – allowing them to be more invested in the company. Even small business owners benefit from leading vs managing, and it will strengthen their company in the long run by creating loyalty and shared vision in their workers, including Virtual Assistants. One way to be sure you’re leading as opposed to just managing is to stay in the right mindset. Start out by reducing your stress.

Measuring Productivity vs Working Hard

We’ve heard the phrase: “Work smarter-not harder.” Productivity isn’t necessarily measured by a long list of completed tasks. Giving a task list to be completed by a specific date and calling that “higher productivity” is akin to telling employees that you want them to “work harder.” This implies that they aren’t already working hard enough, and such a message can be demoralizing. On the other hand, asking them what tools you could provide to make their job easier and more rewarding because you want to invest in their productivity, graciously assumes that they already want to be productive. Doing so can inspire them to think outside the box, speak up with new ideas and simply tell you what they need.

Tips for Increasing Productivity

Her are just a few ways you can help your employees and virtual assistants be more productive:

  • Communicate – Good leaders share the final end goals with their employees. Along with communicating specific task expectations, go one step further to let employees know what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Increase Employee Engagement – Once they understand your goals, give them opportunities to help you with decision-making and project development. Good leaders allow their people to share ownership of the process as well as victories.
  • Reduce Fear of Making Mistakes – Allow employees to own their mistakes, which helps them grow and learn from them. No fear of consequences from making good faith mistakes can unleash, initiative, creativity and innovation, leading to higher engagement and productivity.
  • Let Them Make a Difference – This huge generation of Millennial workers enjoys giving to charity and volunteering. Find ways your company can participate in community causes that they can get behind. Building unity of purpose among your employees always leads to greater productivity.

photo credit: Luigi Mengato

Posted on July 24th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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