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Relax Your Way Into Being A Better Business Owner

Fighting fatigue, stress and burnout is a common goal for a small business owner, but often an elusive one. Nobody cares about your business as much as you do, and you have a lot riding of it’s success. Naturally you’ll be tempted to spend too much time at the office, try to meet with everyone, and be involved in every aspect of running the business. It’s important in the midst of everything, to find ways to recharge so you can inspire your employees, stay enthusiastic and keep your goals on target. How can you do this?

Recharging in the long term and short term

Do you live to work, or work to live? Part of the way to not get burned out by work is to have other aspects of your life that hold equal or higher importance. Especially when your starting your business, you may think having time for outside interests and goals is an impossible task, but it’s always going to be about balance. Here are some ways to be sure you have more in your life than just a stressful work day.

Relaxation tips

If you just can’t get away for a weekend or you find you have lots of stress during the week, you can still find 15 minutes during the day to change things around so you can go back to being productive and encouraged at your business.

  • Write a letter or card – Think about a person in your life who might like to hear from you. Not email, text or instant message, but writing an actual handwritten letter can take you outside of an office mentality and help you focus on a loved one or cherished friend.
  • Prayer or meditation – Go to a quiet place in or outside of the building and just be quiet for a few minutes. Allow your mind to leave the office issues and breathe.
  • Read something funny – A little net surfing for funny articles or video or sharing a joke with a co-worker can help get your endorphins flowing- allow yourself to laugh out loud.
  • Take a walk – If you have a nice area to stroll outside the office even for a few minutes, the change of scenery can be useful. Even a walk down the hall to make a cup of herb tea or connect with a co-worker to say hello can take your stress down. Sitting at your desk all day is not healthy!
  • Use your weekends – You might feel you can never get away for vacation so at least pick a few weekends month to go somewhere not work-related or home improvement oriented. A trip to the zoo, a bike ride, go to a day-spa, or get a massage. Don’t forget to reward yourself for working hard. The most successful business owners with the best longevity know how to take care of themselves and unplug from work.

photo credit: Steve A Johnson

Posted on July 31st, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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mario says:

Great post! it is helpful especially to me thank you for sharing this.

Posted: September 6, 2019 @ 10:56 am

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