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Ways to Keep a Creative Mindset

A big part of keeping your business in a creative mindset starts at the top. How creative are you as a small business owner? Typically, creativity is a useful, perhaps essential, characteristic of being a business leader. We all get bogged down in the minutia of daily issues, focusing on tasks and work, rather than remembering what the company began as – an exciting new venture with new ideas and such promise! If you’ve found your business getting stale, stiff, and lacking motivation, take a look at how excited you are to come in to work every day. Not so much? Get your head back in the game before finishing this blog by doing as suggested in this article.  After you’ve taken a break, continue on to get your creativity back for you and your employees.

Practical Approaches to Creativity Boosting

Not everyone gains creativity in the exact way all the time, but there are a handful of things that many execs, artists and other creative people try in order to stimulate the brain for thinking creatively. None of these are complicated and all are worth trying in some way:

  • Lower Your Lighting – Forget about a classroom model with straight lines of square desks under bright, clinical ceiling lights. That may people see better, but it’s not a great environment for creative expression or thinking. Low, ambient room lighting from table level might help you feel free enough to try new things. Lowering stress is also a part of many creativity building exercises. Ceiling lights are stressful and makes us feel exposed, so a big no-no for most creative thinkers.
  • Exercise – You can work out at the end of the day or go for a swim in the morning before showing up at your desk, exercise during your work day is the real deal. Studies link getting sweaty with having a fluid, creative brain full of new ideas. What kind of physical activity can you do or provide onsite in your company during brainstorming sessions?
  • New Experiences – Instead of spending company perks on “stuff” why not gift your employees with new experiences? Travelling for short trips or taking remote vacations has been linked to helping the brain think in multi-directional ways for problem-solving. This ability is an essential aspect of thinking creatively. Short on cash? Make the trips local but emphasize new experiences.
  • Ambient Noise – Complete silence does help focus, which is great for analytical tasks but terrible for creative thought. It’s important for the creative mind to wander to new places, and ambient music or sounds allow that.
  • Start With Parameters, Not a Blank Page – This may seem counter-intuitive but staring at a blank page and begging for it to speak to you is every writer’s nightmare. Having a few topics, lines of dialogue or a prompts of some kind can get your juices flowing. Art is the same, as is problem solving. Find some parameters to get started and loosen them as needed once your brain starts turning.

photo credit: elisa_piper

Posted on July 17th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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