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Secret Components of a Great Blog

Blogging for your business is a great way to establish your company’s online presence. Blogging started out as a personal indulgence online, with individuals writing about whatever subject they had on their mind. Today, blogs are also built strategically for businesses to get the word out regarding who they are, what they do, and why you should trust them. Once you decide to create one, you’ll have to come up with a title and general idea of the kind of thing you’ll blog about. While that doesn’t seem complicated, it’s good to understand the difference between your company “blog” and writing marketing articles. For some guidance on that topic, read here. Don’t let blogging and the time or skill it can take turn you off to having one. You can use a virtual assistant to not only provide a great blog using these components, but to do so on a regular schedule so you don’t have to.

How to make sure you have a great blog

There are many surprising components you’ll need as part of your blog creation. Paying attention to these components can mean the difference between barely being remembered or noticed, to being a regular part of your followers daily online diet. Here is a list of things to remember when developing your blog site:

  • The all-important title – Oftentimes your title may be all the readers see when deciding to pay attention to your blog. It’s nice to be clever, perhaps using intrigue or wordplay, but sometimes it comes down to a basic understanding of what you will cover in your blog. If they want that information, they might be drawn to read it. Don’t let your title be too clever at the expense of being accurate and informative.
  • Length is a big deal – High quality blogs are not always long posts. If the writing is high quality, and the information is succinct, obtainable and useful, your readers will trust your future blogs. People are busy. Save long posts for those topics that need to be read by people looking for in-depth information.  Generally speaking, brief blogs get read in full.
  • Photos and good graphics  – Photos take less time and brain power to understand. If your followers are browsing through web content, they are far more likely to gain interest in blogs that are accompanied by a quality visual. Plain text doesn’t always stimulate the brain in the same way, so will not grab attention, regardless of content or clever title.
  • Shareable content – One of the main ways regular readers get to your blog is on their social media newsfeed. If they have chosen to follow your business page on Facebook, Twitter or other platform, your links should come up in their home pages. Make sure to give public access to your links so followers can share them with other users.

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Posted on August 14th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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